Business Friday Workbox System

Similar to the Sunday Basket, the Friday Workbox is a system to triage all your thoughts + ideas + papers to follow up on, once per week, to stay on top of it all. It helps to declutter both your mind and physical spaces that accumulate to-dos all week long. This is freeing, because it trains your brain to plan a realistic workload for handling your job or business, proactively, rather than reactively. 

Once you have a Sunday Basket, and realize how helpful it is in staying on top of all the "stuff" cluttering up your countertops and brain, you will realize you need a Friday Workbox, to keep on top of your corporate job or business, and create a calm environment for yourself on Monday morning!

As a Friday Workbox Certified Organizer trained by Organize 365, I LOVE helping others learn to be successful in their career or small business, by planning, simplifying and organizing their to-dos with their Friday Workbox system. 

Here is what others had to say about learning the system from me:

“Holly helped me setup my Friday workbox! I learned this new process from her through a few virtual meetings. I really appreciated Holly taking the time to learn about my work so she could provide thoughts on how I could utilize my workbox to meet my specific needs. She also followed up the next week after each meeting to see how I was progressing. I appreciated her encouragement throughout the process! I'm grateful for her guidance.”

“Signed up for a 90min. private work session with Holly to get help working on my Friday workbox together. I have been DIY'ing it for about 8 weeks (doing the live facebook sessions with Monique) and was still confused about some things. I felt like I needed deeper help than could be answered with the live facebook work sessions. Holly was wonderful! Patient, encouraging, helpful and knowledgeable. It felt so good to have someone solely focused on me and my questions. I got a ton of tips moving forward. Especially helpful was she send me a detailed summary of our meeting so I can remember everything we talked about. If you're a bit stuck doing your paper organizing on your own, don't hesitate to contact Holly for help! Such a good value!”

" It was wonderful working with you on Wednesday evening.  This is a process, and it was so helpful to have you look at my particular situation and answer my questions.  I set up the email system like you suggested with the color-coded labels to sort my email inbox to match my Friday workbox.  Already it's helping my brain SO MUCH!  Thank you!"

Want to purchase the Business Friday Workbox system? Your investment for $497 includes a whole lot! 

Here's how it works:

Already have a Workbox and want to get the most out of it?

Designed to coincide with the Workbox Planning Day at Organize 365, the Monday after, we will be spending 2 focused hours reflecting on what we learned during Planning Day and integrating it into our physical workboxes and breaking our next quarter's goals and plans down into achievable chunks. We will use a modified Pomodoro technique to focus, have group check-ins & Q&A , and set our quarter up for success!

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