Work-Life Harmony

I believe in working smarter, not harder - and being purposeful with our time.

That is why I have partnered with Organize 365 to teach their patented, life-changing systems. I want to help you dig out from under the paper piles that are stressing you out, and create function and order out of the chaos that continues to make us spiral with overwhelm and feelings of hopelessness. I have been there. Together, we can hone in on the tailored solutions that will cause you to simplify, organize and plan to create a happy and productive life.

I'm offering a full solution to bring "work-life harmony" into your world, and create more mental, emotional, and physical capacity to do more of what you're passionate about and what lights you up! If that interests you, I would invite you to sign up for the Work-Life Harmony Package.

Everything in the package is available a la carte, but it is designed for the multi-passionate person who "wears a lot of hats", is overwhelmed, and is in need of gentle but encouraging guidance to solve pain-points and problems. Let's go from brain fog to calm clarity, together!

At the heart of my method is the Organize 365 Sunday Basket®, which is where we will start  - with your personal/home paper organizing journey. Find out more here.

The Organize 365 Friday Workbox helps to organize, simplify and plan your work papers and tasks. Find out more hereRead on to find out how you can get BOTH and all the instruction, accountability, community, and guidance you will need to actually implement them - and come out a happier, calm, and more productive person.

The Details:

The Work-Life Harmony Package includes:

+ The Complete Sunday Basket System (including physical and online components)

+ The Business Friday Workbox System (including physical and online components)

+ One 4-hour virtual group workshop (held 1 Sunday per month at 10am PT)

+ Two 1-hour 1:1 virtual setup calls

+ One year of Happy and Productive Power Hour (held most Wednesday nights at 7pm PT)

+ Four 2.5-hour Workbox Planning Retreats (held one Monday (6pm PT) per quarter)

Your investment in your peace of mind and command over your life is $997 (which saves you over $350 if you get each component a la carte).

I look forward to working with you!


Using the Sunday Basket and Friday Workbox in tandem is the solution to burnout, overwhelm, and frustration in my life. I look forward to working closely with you to solve your daily problems and struggles.

Here is what others had to say after learning from me:

“I attended a Sunday Basket workshop featuring 1.0 and 2.0 organization systems. I feel inspired and hopeful that I can keep on top of the paper clutter as we get ready to start distance learning this year. As well as having a way to manage my home related tasks that can make it less stressful."

"Holly did great keeping a pace that was manageable and I love that we got to integrate the system with her help, live, and able to answer my questions as I set up the folders and box. A great value for a great class!! Thank you so much!!!”

"Holly is down to earth and leads the students on a path to success. The virtual call allows you to dive into your project, so at the end of the course you will see progress. Holly provides lots of examples for each person’s unique situation and no Sunday Baskets look alike because they are all customized to our personal needs.”

"Thank you Holly! I appreciate all that you have taught us :) When I do take action and do my Sunday Basket, my weeks go so much smoother. I definitely notice the difference when I haven’t kept up with it and I’m looking forward to this Sunday workshop to get back on track after the holidays!"

"Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.This system is definitely helping me get more organized.”

“Holly helped me setup my Friday workbox! I learned this new process from her through a few virtual meetings. I really appreciated Holly taking the time to learn about my work so she could provide thoughts on how I could utilize my workbox to meet my specific needs. She also followed up the next week after each meeting to see how I was progressing. I appreciated her encouragement throughout the process! I'm grateful for her guidance.

“Signed up for a 90min. private work session with Holly to get help working on my Friday workbox together. I have been DIY'ing it for about 8 weeks (doing the live facebook sessions with Monique) and was still confused about some things. I felt like I needed deeper help than could be answered with the live facebook work sessions. Holly was wonderful! Patient, encouraging, helpful and knowledgeable. It felt so good to have someone solely focused on me and my questions. I got a ton of tips moving forward. Especially helpful was she send me a detailed summary of our meeting so I can remember everything we talked about. If you're a bit stuck doing your paper organizing on your own, don't hesitate to contact Holly for help! Such a good value!

" It was wonderful working with you on Wednesday evening.  This is a process, and it was so helpful to have you look at my particular situation and answer my questions.  I set up the email system like you suggested with the color-coded labels to sort my email inbox to match my Friday workbox.  Already it's helping my brain SO MUCH!  Thank you!"