Paper Organizing

Maybe you have papers all around your house in disarray, not sure where to start. Maybe you're spending too much time looking for that one important document. Maybe want to know how to be more productive and efficient with your time. Either way, my one-on-one or group workshops will help.

My main purpose is to help working moms succeed by cutting out the overwhelm and setting up solutions to finally get things done. That is why I have partnered with Organize 365 to teach their patented, life-changing systems. At the heart of it all is The Sunday Basket®, which is where I recommend you start your paper organizing journey. I want to help you dig out from under the paper piles that are stressing you out!

One on One Workshops

Maybe you have a lot of paper or are embarrassed at the state of things. No worries! I can coach or teach you in the ways of the amazing Sunday Basket System. Contact me to set up an appointment or to find out more information.

Group Workshops

Do you need group accountability and community that comes with a small group? Many people feel validated when they hear they're not the only one who struggles with paper. We'll all learn together. I hold monthly workshops in my home (2020 - Due to the pandemic, we are holding these online instead) where we can sort through it together. Click here to register or see below for the three types of appointments, as well as the calendar of events.

Paper Done For You

Don't want to deal with your piles, boxes and files of unsorted paper? Want to maximize your time and let an expert handle it? Don't worry, I won't shred and purge documents without your consent, but I will customize a plan with you to ensure a culled and necessary system that is easily maintained. Want more information? Contact me with subject line "Paper done for you".

This 90-minute "get started" workshop gets you the basic supplies and knowledge to get started at $30 now. Too good to be true? You'll see first-hand how simple but effective this weekly practice is! If you already have the Sunday Basket, but need additional support or your questions answered, I am available to help.

This 3-hour workshop gets you everything you need to set up a life-changing command center for your home. What are you waiting for? Start getting stuff done for yourself, your home, your family, and your work! $97 for supplies, training and ongoing community support. You also get access to the Organize 365 online portal with videos and printables.

This 6-hour event will arm you with all the training you need to conquer your paper mountain, and get you set up with an easily maintainable system that works for you. Only you can decide what to keep and what to purge, but with the tools and best practices provided, you will find out how to make those tough decisions.

Paper Organizing Success!