Organizing Services/Coaching

I'm Holly Perez, owner of HAP Organizing Solutions. My main purpose is to help working moms succeed by cutting out the overwhelm and setting up solutions to finally get things done. Especially those of us who work from home, things get cluttered fast when we combine work and personal papers in the mix...all over the house. Let's brainstorm ways to work smarter, not harder and keep calm, and get stuff done - the most important stuff.

Maybe you have papers all around your house in disarray, not sure where to start. Maybe you're spending too much time looking for that one important document. Maybe want to know how to be more productive and efficient with your time. I'd love to support you: I offer virtual 1:1 sessions, local in-person 1:1 sessions, and weekly virtual group accountability - so that you can make progress and be able to live a happier and productive life!


After years of being on this journey to live a more happy and productive life, my philosophy and mottos are:

Work-Life Harmony

Organizing is Self-care

Work smarter, not harder

Keep calm and get stuff done

Strive to make things better than before

Perfection is not a thing

If you want to incrementally make improvements in your life, by making things easier to find, overcome analysis paralysis and get stuff done, then I encourage you to reach out!

Get Unstuck Coaching Calls (1:1 Virtual Sessions)

Are you constantly losing time and money looking for things, paying things late, or missing out on opportunities because the piles of paperwork are unmanageable? Want guidance for implementing organizing systems that actually work? I can help you to get unstuck and walk you towards next steps.

$60 for a 55 minute coaching call

Do you need to get organized in your small business or corporate job and don't know how to start, or need guidance in implementing systems to help keep on top of your to-dos? Or you're an overwhelmed individual contributor or manager at a 9-5 job and you're stuck with all the invisible work? I can help you get unstuck!

$70 for a 55 minute coaching call

Group Accountability

Weekly Accountability  on Wednesday nights- bring your project! It can be your to-do list, your weekly planning, organizing binder, paper decluttering, shredding, email sorting, budgeting, whatever!

Link above, to find the subscription for a great deal for all the Happy and Productive Power Hours during the month - setting you up for success with focus and accountability  with like-minded folks! (scroll to the very bottom of the scheduling page)