Paper Organizing Services

I'm Holly Perez, owner of HAP Organizing Solutions. I love efficiency and productivity and working smarter, not harder. I would love to be your go-to when you have questions about what paper to save, shred, and how to get stuff done.


One on One help with your paper organizing journey

Maybe you have papers all around your house in disarray, not sure where to start. Maybe you're spending too much time looking for that one important document. Maybe want to know how to be more productive and efficient with your time. I provide Paper Organizing Help in a private, virtual setting.


Productivity for home and work

My main purpose is to help working moms succeed by cutting out the overwhelm and setting up solutions to finally get things done. That is why I have partnered with Organize 365 to teach their patented, life-changing systems. I want to help you dig out from under the paper piles that are stressing you out!

At the heart of it all is The Sunday Basket®, which is where I recommend you start your home paper organizing journey.

Their Friday Workbox similarly helps to organize, simplify and plan your work papers and tasks.


Group accountability

We get more done together - see below for community and accountability to work towards incremental progress!

Do you need group accountability and community that comes with a small group? Many people feel validated when they hear they're not the only one who struggles with paper and productivity. We can all cheer each other on, as we "keep calm and Get Stuff Done!"

I host weekly virtual "Happy and Productive Power Hour" where we can have focused time to work on our tasks and projects, and encourage each other along the way! Click here to register or view the below calendar of events.

Paper Organizing Success!