Complete Sunday Basket® System

The Sunday Basket is a system to triage all your thoughts + ideas + papers to follow up on, once per week, to stay on top of it all. It helps to declutter both your mind and physical spaces that accumulate to-dos all week long. This is freeing, because it trains your brain to plan a realistic workload for handling the work of life, proactively, rather than reactively.

Even with a full schedule, encompassing a family, full career, side business, and passion projects, the consistent use of the Sunday Basket keeps me on track!

As a Certified Organizer trained by Organize 365, I LOVE helping others learn to be successful in managing their life by planning, simplifying and organizing their to-dos with their patented Sunday Basket system.

Here is what others had to say about learning the system from me:

“I attended a Sunday Basket workshop featuring 1.0 and 2.0 organization systems. I feel inspired and hopeful that I can keep on top of the paper clutter as we get ready to start distance learning this year. As well as having a way to manage my home related tasks that can make it less stressful."

"Holly did great keeping a pace that was manageable and I love that we got to integrate the system with her help, live, and able to answer my questions as I set up the folders and box. A great value for a great class!! Thank you so much!!!”

"Holly is down to earth and leads the students on a path to success. The virtual call allows you to dive into your project, so at the end of the course you will see progress. Holly provides lots of examples for each person’s unique situation and no Sunday Baskets look alike because they are all customized to our personal needs.”

"Thank you Holly! I appreciate all that you have taught us :) When I do take action and do my Sunday Basket, my weeks go so much smoother. I definitely notice the difference when I haven’t kept up with it and I’m looking forward to this Sunday workshop to get back on track after the holidays!"

"Thank you again for a wonderful workshop.This system is definitely helping me get more organized.”

Want to purchase the Sunday Basket complete system? Your investment for $97 includes a whole lot!

  • A physical Sunday Basket

  • 5 rainbow colored slash pockets (1.0 set)

  • 20 solid slash pockets (2.0 set)

  • Online access to a dashboard with printable and video instructions

  • Membership in an exclusive online community where you can join weekly co-working sessions for accountability

  • 1:1 virtual appointment (45 minutes) with me to help setup the system

Here's how it works:

  1. Email or click the button below to indicate interest in the Complete Sunday Basket system.

  2. I will email you a referral link to the Organize 365 store where you can submit your order and gain immediate access to the online resources they provide.

  3. I will provide you with link to schedule the included live virtual workshop with me, to be scheduled on or after your confirmed shipping date of your product.

  4. We meet one on one and make sure you have all the training you need to setup and use your product in a way that works for you!

Complete Sunday Basket System Includes the above physical product

Implementing the Sunday Basket will free your brain up so much!