One on One Paper Organizing

I'm Holly Perez, owner of HAP Organizing Solutions. I love efficiency and productivity and working smarter, not harder. I would love to be your go-to when you have questions about what paper to save, shred, and how to get stuff done.

Maybe you have papers all around your house in disarray, not sure where to start. Maybe you're spending too much time looking for that one important document. Maybe want to know how to be more productive and efficient with your time. Either way, my one-on-one virtual sessions will help.

Get Unstuck With Me!

Are you constantly losing time and money looking for things, paying things late, or missing out on opportunities because the piles of paperwork are unmanageable? Want guidance for implementing organizing systems that actually work? I can help you to get unstuck and walk you towards next steps.

$60 for a 55 minute coaching call

Do you need to get organized in your work or small business and don't know how to start, or need guidance in implementing systems to help keep on top of your to-dos? (Also for individual contributors or managers at a 9-5 job). You need a productivity coach and organizing expert to get you unstuck!

$70 for a 55 minute coaching call

My main purpose is to help working parents succeed by cutting out the overwhelm and setting up solutions to finally get things done. That is why I have partnered with Organize 365 to teach their patented, life-changing systems. At the heart of it all is The Sunday Basket®, which is where I recommend you start your paper organizing journey. Let me be your Sunday Basket mentor! I will help you dig out from under the paper piles that are stressing you out!

"When I do take action and do my Sunday Basket, my weeks go so much smoother. I definitely notice the difference when I haven’t kept up with it and I’m looking forward to this Sunday workshop to get back on track after the holidays!"

Once you have a Sunday Basket, and realize how helpful it is in staying on top of all the "stuff" cluttering up your countertops and brain, you will realize you need a Friday Workbox to manage the stuff on your plate at work.

The Friday Workbox is the best placeholder for any and all active papers, notes, ideas and projects for your business or corporate position! I want you to be successful in your job, and start the habit of planning your upcoming week on Friday afternoons.

Let me be your Workbox mentor! I'll guide you in organizing and planning your work-week to be more efficient, so that you can hit the ground running on Monday morning, with a clear sense of your/your business' or organization's top priorities.