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I'm Holly Perez, owner of H.A.P. Organizing Solutions providing Organizing Coaching services. My main purpose is to help working moms have more time, physical capacity and mental capacity for their work or passions by cutting out the overwhelm and setting up solutions that work with their brains. Especially those of us who work from home, things get cluttered fast when we combine work and personal stuff. Let's brainstorm ways to work smarter, not harder and solve some painpoints in your household.

Maybe you have papers all around your house in disarray, not sure where to start. Maybe you're spending too much time looking for things you need because there are so many items in your home that you don't need. Maybe want to know how to be more productive and efficient with your time. I'd love to support you: I offer local in-person 1:1 sessions and weekly virtual group accountability - so that you can make progress and be able to live a happier and productive life!


After years of being on this journey to live a more happy and productive life, my philosophy and mottos are:

If you want to incrementally make improvements in your life, by making things easier to find, overcome analysis paralysis and get stuff done, then I encourage you to reach out...or read down the page to learn about how I can help you with my Organizing/Coaching services:

Customized Decluttering and Organizing

Are you overwhelmed and tired of the clutter in your space? Could you use a helping hand to get unstuck with releasing items you don't need? Do you want a guide or teacher to understand what kind of organizing is going to work for you long-term?  Or maybe you need someone else to give you permission to get things out of your home. I can provide a different perspective and non-judgmentally walk you towards next steps. Serving clients in the city of Redmond, WA or greater Eastside Seattle area - including Kirkland, Woodinville, Isaquaah, Bellevue and Sammamish. 

New clients: book a call to get started (don't be shy - it just involves a short form where you can describe in as much detail about your questions/concerns and what you need help with, then I call you at a time that you specify will work best for you).

$200 per 3-hour session - home organizing/decluttering session includes 1 car load of donations and recycling

Hire a pro organizer to help weed out all the unnecessary paper clutter from your life! Kiss your piles, closets, bins, boxes and bags of unsorted mail and paperwork goodbye - well, almost all of it. This appointment includes an intake session and your 1ST BOX needing sorting, recycling/shredding what needs to go, and storing what needs to be saved. I will meet with you for 45 minutes to establish rules and desires. Then I'll get to work-This appointment pays for the 1st box and subsequent boxes billed @$200 each. 

Offering pickup/drop-off for local clients, and depending on location, out-of-range clients may get me their papers via USPS.

$200 for 45-minute intake session and 1st box to be sorted. Subsequent boxes (bankers box size) billed at $200/per box.

Group Accountability and Workshops

Weekly Accountability  on Wednesday nights- bring your project! It can be your to-do list, your weekly planning, organizing binder, paper decluttering, shredding, email sorting, budgeting, whatever!

$23 monthly subscription is a great deal for all the Happy and Productive Power Hours during the month - setting you up for success with focus and accountability with like-minded folks! (scroll to the very bottom of the scheduling page)

Let's get together and give our passions a home! This is for all my fellow multi-passionate people who love self-development and self-improvement. I'll guide you pull all the artifacts of your personal/professional development together into one binder. :)

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