Work-Life Harmony Packages

One-on-one coaching sessions, personalized organizing plans, and gentle guidance & support to ensure long-term success 

Solopreneurs have a hard time setting work-life boundaries, setting deadlines for themselves, and being productive, without burning out. But I'm here to flip the script and show you that you CAN make the impact you want to make in your business at the same time as prioritizing YOUR personal needs. Watch my story about how I've achieved work-life harmony, and how I am committed to helping you realize this for yourself. You'll see -- organization is self-care!

Are you a multi-passionate person, with one of those passions being a business you want to start, reinvent & mold into one that makes a meaningful impact? 

Is it frustrating to try to juggle and balance all your responsibilities so that you can focus on building the business you desire? 

Have your spaces become overwhelming and not really reflective of the place where you can do your best work?  

Do you have a desire to make progress on your business but the usual productivity tools (aka, your calendar, your planner, your to do list) are not cutting it? 

I'm a non-judgmental organizing coach who loves giving guidance, motivation & encouragement, as someone who has also been through the process of starting, growing, and reinventing her business. Read on for the services I offer - they could be just what's needed to get you unstuck and moving towards progress on what matters to you. If you're anything like me, I know that your business is where you can shine and express your creativity, but you just might need a helping hand to get unstuck, moving from the overwhelm to clarity and focused action-taking where it counts.

At the end of the day, you want to feel calm, confident and in control of your time, resources, finances, and stuff. Instead of feeling like you're constantly being pulled into a state of swirling overwhelm in your brain (and rooms of your home), you'd like to be able to confidently find the thing you need for the task at hand, to get the most important projects completed.

YES, there are ways to have this kind of harmony in your life without going through all the pain that I did. 

Now offering...Work-Life Harmony Organizing Coaching Packages!

Ready to transform your ability to get stuff done in your life and business?

 Let me be your guide as we work together to develop the personalized organizing systems (using paper, digital, and mental tools) that cater to your individual styles, personality and needs. During this journey, I will encourage you to leverage the power of self-awareness and assist you in discovering your specific challenges, values, and positive tendencies. These will all inform your next right steps, and you'll take them one step at a time. You'll see that once progress is made, it gets less and less daunting. Growth and clarity are inevitable, when you give yourself the permission to learn, look inward, and make tweaks to your life every day. Just like when I was learning Life Lesson #1 and beyond!

I would love to support you through the work of getting foundational organizing and time-management systems into place to start or reinvent your solo business. As a lifelong learner, one of the biggest lessons I've gotten: it's way easier to progress and improve when you have someone by your side who has experienced the mental shifts you need to make. Let me be your cheerleader, guide, mentor, accountability partner, and coach to help you shine and make progress on your dreams!

Thes packages are specially tailored for service-based solopreneurs who work from home in the city of Redmond, WA or greater Eastside Seattle area - including Kirkland, Woodinville, Issaquah, Bellevue and Sammamish. 

The "Essential" package includes 3 months, or 9 Hours, of in-person coaching sessions, and much more! 

The "Evolve" package includes 6 months, or 18 hours, of in-person coaching sessions, and much more! 

Take a look at what's included in each, in the below images.

Description of service offerings: essential package includes 3 months of personal organizing coaching and the Evolve package includes 6 months of personal organizing coaching

You are tired of purchasing planner after planner (+bullet journal, passion planner, etc. etc.) without getting the stuff done that truly matters to you. Organizing intentionally leads to clarity, which leads to focus and productivity. Let's take care of ourselves holistically throughout the process, and get the right things done.

What's our Focus? With either package, we focus on task management (getting stuff done) and depending on size of package choose from other options

There is NOT a cookie-cutter approach to organizing.

Let’s recover from the perfectionism together - we shall only strive to be better than before (not comparing ourselves with anyone else).

We will work to find the best task-management system for YOUR particular style and needs.

We'll hone in on the specific physical and mental clutter that's holding you back, make order of the things inside your brain, and get the important things done.

This is tailored, creative problem-solving for your specific way of working, so you can take action with less friction and more work-life harmony!

Your investment in your well-being will be SO worth it. Your clients will be grateful you took the time and effort for personal development. Get in touch to get started today. 

Describes value of coaching packages and your investment in each. Essential package (9 hours) is $497. Evolve package (18 hours) is $947.

Can't wait to talk with you about how organization can provide the missing piece to the self-care puzzle you've been craving, for a happy and productive life. Talk to you soon!

Other women like you have carved out intentional time and focus for themselves to go through the process of creating businesses and lives that light them up, and started with the transformation organization offers. See what they're saying below:

More words of appreciation from Holly's grateful and empowered clients - they are the best!

“I appreciate your down to earth candor and gentle encouragement!” 

- Leslie, small business owner

“Thank you so much for these detailed notes!  What an added value! This is a process, and it was so helpful to have you look at my particular situation and answer my questions.  I set up the email system like you suggested with the color-coded labels. Already it's helping my brain SO MUCH!  Thank you!" 

- Betsy, solopreneur

“I was surprised at how much I was able to dump in the shred and trash bins without as much effort as I thought.” 

- Mary Anne, retiree

"This morning I printed your email meeting notes and they were so helpful. It was (and is) such a pleasure to learn from you and I love how you worked to brainstorm methods and solutions in the context of the work that I do. You are awesome!” 

- Kerensa, leader and professional

“Holly, I have thought about you a zillion times today as I have enjoyed working with and appreciating my organized papers from our work yesterday!! This is a new experience for me, there are no words for my appreciation for the peace of mind in just one day!!"


- Laurie,  owner of multiple family businesses

“Holly is just the right blend of non-judgmental and encouraging. I feel like I have a much more manageable macro system to work with and can let go of the excess, as well as know how to access the important stuff. I'm thankful I found her.” 

-Rachel, solo service-based business owner