I'm Holly, your Organizer Friend

9 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I have always loved lists. Can you tell?

I find it natural to write lists, and I also love when people write in lists - makes it easy to read and digest the content. I hope that by reading this particular list, you'll get to know me better. :)

2. I'm a type 9 on the Enneagram personality type system.

I'm really into personality typing systems, because it helps me know myself better, and be able to work with my personal strengths and weaknesses to intentionally grow. The type 9 is mostly known as "The Peacemaker", and is an adaptable, empathic, and accepting character. We like to "go with the flow" in order to avoid conflict, at all costs. To learn more, I recommend checking out Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes (YouTube/podcasts) and Empowered Enneagram (podcasts and Instagram).

3. I'm an ISFJ on Myers Briggs Type Indicator (another personality thing).

This one I'm not much of an expert in, but I do know that I like to know a lot of facts/details, enjoy helping people, am more introverted than extroverted, and enjoy keeping the family and work team running smoothly, again trying to minimize conflict.

4. I'm a Cricket in the Clutterbug quiz (a Micro organizer that likes things hidden out of sight).

I encourage you to find out what "Bug" you are, that reveals your personal style of organizing. It might just be the thing you need to determine why your family has a difficult time getting and staying organized. Once I learned my style, and that of my family members, I was able to adapt what I was doing to ensure that our things were able to be stored how we all need them to be for our particular brains - and be able to find them more easily. Take the Clutterbug Quiz, created by Cas of Clutterbug.

5. I'm a "Questioner" on the Four Tendencies

One of my favorite authors, Gretchen Rubin, has created a personality framework that tells us how we interact with both inner and outer expectations. As a questioner, I question all expectations of my, and then only oblige if it has reasoning that makes sense (I need justification for why I must do it). For example, I think January 1st is an arbitrary date so I don't do just new years resolutions, I make resolutions all other times of the year, when I feel like I need it. Take the quiz here.

6. I appeared in Organize 365's podcasts multiple times

Listen in: Transformation with Holly P to hear my personal organization journey (recorded Dec 2019). I also have a cameo in Embrace Breakthroughs Part 1, halfway through, I let you know how I struggle with Perfectionism, I feel it's the one thing that keeps holding me back.

7. I was not born-organized or natural at this.

Take it from me - Organization is definitely a "learnable skill". My room, as a child, was always a disaster, with different stuff all over the floor and stuffed in closets. I absolutely hated dishes. I remember the first day my mom required me to do laundry - I was in my teens - and I had to ask how to handle the soap and where to put the dials, etc. However, if you knew me in school, or at the workplace in my early 20s, you wouldn't ever know my home life was so unorganized. I could keep it together for outward appearances.

8. I learned to be organized from various mentors.

Lisa Woodruff, Gretchen Rubin, Cas Aarssen, Do It On A Dime, A Slob Comes Clean, even Flylady - you name it, I have pretty much subscribed to it all, in the quest to get my life under control. Oh yeah, and Marie Kondo, Bullet Journal, Happy Planner, etc. helped too!

9. I love my family - that comes naturally to me - but I'm learning to love myself too.

It's easy for me to support and encourage others, especially those closest to me. I usually don't include myself in the group that needs support, love and encouragement. Help me stay accountable for that. My daily practices lately include: washing and moisturizing my face, having alone time (even if only 5 minutes), journaling, yoga/stretching, and letting myself off the hook from being productive all the time. We all need breaks and we all need time to reflect, think and feel.